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After expressing my trepidation about past hair stylist traumas (overzealous layers, frazzled color and combative personalities), Jennifer spent a solid 40 minutes doing a consult with me instead of going home at the end of her day. She was so thorough, so knowledgeable and SO spine-tingling GENTLE when she brushed my hair, I instantly knew she was just the person I needed to help nurse my abused hair back to health. I had been shopping for a new stylist all over SF and Walnut Creek for months, and many of them said they would enjoy lobbing off many inches of my hair to ‘save’ it. They collectively convinced me I need to go much shorter, until I met Jennifer…. She promised me she would be collaborative and conservative if that’s what I wanted. Not only that, but at my request, she agreed to use a cool blowdryer setting instead of a sizzling hot one like many other stylists who leave me with more split ends than I started with. I immediately booked an appointment with her for the next day and was glad I trusted my instincts…she gave me a masterful cut that restored the fullness and bounce to my super-long hair. It has experienced a total comeback since visiting her and I’m happy to tears that I still have all my length. It turns out all I needed was a GOOD HAIRCUT, not more wild circus layers at the hands of crazies! I would normally not scream from the rooftops about how great she is for fear of her overbooking appointments, but I am so thankful to her, it’s the least I can do. Thank you Salon Amour! The salon is a beautiful retreat and very reasonably priced. I can’t wait to go back. TEN++++ STARS

Stephanie S., Walnut Creek, CA

I love this place! Everyone is so nice and professional. Hollie is my hair stylist and she always goes above and beyond. Even when she’s had back to back appointments, she still asks me if I want her to style my hair. I’ve also had 2 of the other stylist color my hair when Hollie is unavailable and as nervous as I was (because Hollie is soooo good) they did a great job! I don’t think Salon Amour would employ someone who wasn’t good at their job. Hollie, thanks for 2+ years of amazing hair… never leave me 🙂

Carisa V., Martinez, CA

I had my second haircut with Jennifer today and it looks great. She did the exact same style in the image that I showed her 5 months ago; I am amazed that she remembered. I cut 5 inches or so off and the service was about an hour long. The service included: an aromatherapy scalp massage, shampoo service, hand massage, cut, blowdry, and styling with a curler. I look forward to coming here again.

Christina S., Concord, CA

Here’s my long overdue high praise for Lindsay and Salon Amour! I came in having never really colored my hair and looking for a complete change. Lindsay listened to my very vague description of the flashy blond short look I desired and gave me hair I didn’t know was possible for me! Since our first appointment I’ve been having so much fun rocking this cut and color (the cut was also amazing and is growing out beautifully) and decided this week to touch it up and head into the cooler blond area. Lindsay worked her magic again and I’m thrilled with my silvery blond hair! She’s a master at her craft and I’m so glad I found her.

Renée R., San Francisco, CA

The best Aveda salon I have visited in the area. The attention your receive id worth the expense, which is on par with many other salons that do not offer the same amenities. I see Lindsay; she is an excellent stylist.

C.F., Bay Area, CA

I have been in a couple times and I always leave extremely happy. They offer you hot tea as you walk in, scalp/hand massage, and my last haircut included a “mini facial”. Definitely more relaxing than any other hair visit I’ve ever had.
Lindsay McNally was my stylist and she was wonderful. She listened to all of my requests and really made my “vision” a reality, which can be difficult for most stylists. She pays such good attention to detail and is really fun to spend time with 🙂 Will definitely be coming back to see her!

Liz P., Concord, CA